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Thumbs up WarCraft Trilogy (1995-1999-2003/MULTi2)

WarCraft Trilogy (1995-1999-2003/MULTi2) | 1.73 GB
Year: 1995-1999-2003 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Blizzard Entertainment | Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: RTS

Historically, gang "Snowstorm" has never struck my forehead into the dirt, and Leib "Blizzard Entertainment" on the box has already become a kind of seal of quality. And now let us take an ordinary powder. The Lord knew how the game can do (and money) . And let the angry resentment, no matter where you spit - some masterpieces.

One of the masterpieces of the same name is a powerful WarCraft.
Briefly, WC (not to be confused with a water closet) is about the epic showdown with the Green overinflated Khmyrov Khmyrov in armor on the horses. In other words - Orcs are chopped with neighbors beside a people and their allies (not horses, and others). Yes, and then appeared blind man's buff, fold kaldyry and other groups, but were first orcs and humans. A ogrebali still sheep.
Now before you posted just three parts of this tale of lawlessness. Take command of the armies of fierce, brave heroes and create the genocide in the name of goodness and kindness in the name of genocide! For the Horde! For the Alliance! For Alyaksandr Rygorycha!
I am from the village, yo-yo ...
Game Features:
"15 story campaigns (2 4 9)
"Orcs, humans, night elves, undead
"Battle on land, water and air
"B-s-e-e ...
"That even Blizzard
Features repack:
For the past three distribution was not alone, it was decided to collect them in a harness, brush, comb and serve again. And, unlike previous incarnations, they are easier to fix if anything. Notable mistakes already eliminated. Older versions are not compatible or almost.
The distribution includes:
"Full English CD version WarCraft: Orcs and Humans 1.21
"Set up under the WarCraft DOSBox
Install and run:
"Installation is simple and straightforward. Starting the game directly through DOSBox'e labels - no need to cast.
"During installation, you can choose how to use the DOS extender or DOS4GW DOS32A. If you do not understand - leave DOS32A.
"Those who want to scratch with DOSBox config can do it in the file ... \ dosbox \ warcraft.conf - when you run it through the shortcut loaded.
"If the game is the pedal or excessive gazuet - use Ctrl + F12 to speed up and Ctrl + F11 to slow down.
Differences from the old distribution:
"New installer, some game archives
"Configuration CPU DosBox'a switched from automatic to 30000 cycles
WarCraft 2 BNE
The distribution includes:
Full English version of WarCraft II Battle.Net Edition 2.02 - includes Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal
"Russian voice units and interface translation SEC, voice and video briefings Siberian Studio
Differences from the old distribution:
"New installer, some game archives
"The original game file install.exe annihilated
"All necessary resources are now packed in ZIP War2.mpq
"Voice put once and for units, and campaigns
"Temporary files otzhirayut less space
"To write to the registry vin7 infa directdraw compatibility
WarCraft 3
The distribution includes:
Full English version of WarCraft III - Reign of Chaos with the addition of The Frozen Throne 1.26a
"Full Russian translation 1C SoftKlab
Differences from the old distribution:
"New installer, some game archives
"Russian movies created from the British without using ffmpeg
"Voice put once and for units, and campaigns
"Temporary files otzhirayut less space
System Requirements:
WarCraft (DOSBox)
Operating System: Windows
Processor: 400 MHz
Memory: all useful
Video: the better to see
Sound system: the better to hear
Hard drive space: ~ 75 MB
WarCraft 2 BNE
Operating System: Windows
Processor: 60 MHz
Memory: 16 MB
Video Card: SVGA
Sound Card: Direct Sound
Hard drive space: ~ 500 MB + 400 MB for temporary files
WarCraft 3
Operating System: Windows
Processor: 400 MHz
Memory: 128 MB
Video: 8 MB, DirectX
Sound Card: DirectX
Hard drive space: ~ 1.2 GB + 500 MB for temporary files

Download: Trilogy (1995-1999-2003/MULTi2).rar

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WarCraft Trilogy (1995-1999-2003/MULTi2)

WarCraft Trilogy (1995-1999-2003/MULTi2)
Ludzieeee... !
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