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Domyślnie Dance Central 2 (2011)

Dance Central 2 (2011)(XBOX360)


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Nazwa Releasu :: Dance.Central.2.XBOX360-iMARS
Data Releasu :: 21/10/11
Rozmiar :: 7.37Gb

Dance Central 2 keeps the wildly addictive Dance Central experience going with a new focus on simultaneous multiplayer. Friends can now team up in Perform It or go head-to-head in a simultaneous dance off within Dance Battle. Additionally, players can seamlessly drop in or out at any point during a song, so the party never has to stop!

Opis ::
* It’s Party Time! Team up with your friends to dance collaboratively with all-new simultaneous multiplayer features. Players can drop in or out at any point during a song, so the party never has to stop!
* Pump up the Volume! Dance Central 2 features an unparalleled soundtrack of more than 40 new dance hits and classics. The new, fully integrated in-game Music Store will allow players to expand their song library by importing their Dance Central song list for Dance Central 2 , bringing the number of songs available at launch to more than 100 tracks!
* Kick it with the Crews! Dance Central 2 features a variety of new characters and fan favorites paired up as dance crews, each with custom outfits, backup dancers and signature venues.
* As Real as It Gets. Dance Central 2 provides detailed feedback for each player and, for the first time, enables voice commands within the practice process!

Tryb gry :: Single Player
Game languages :: English+
Wymagania wiekowe :: 12+
Gatunek :: Dance Simulation
Platforma :: XBOX360
Region :: RF
Wydawca :: Harmonix
Wydawca :: Microsoft
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Dance Central 2 (2011)

Dance Central 2 (2011)
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